stream of conscious
politics, business, maybe even some sports, why not?

and it all begins…

So I’ve never pictured myself blogging before but I am one opinionated dude, so why not share with the world. I mean at the very least I know my mom will be reading this, so it won’t be a complete waste of time. Anyways, expect lots of politics, because there is always something to write about, some occasional business as that’s what I do, and some periodical sports entries. Know this, massive Chicago fan and I graduated from CU, will my sports entries have bias? Yep.


One Response to “and it all begins…”

  1. I would also like to note that it is because I am not getting paid to write any of this that I do not buy my own domain. And for whatever lame reason, WordPress charges more for custom CSS than Go Daddy would charge me for a domain… bogus

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